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We are Swansea Cannabis Club and we are a modest group of campaigners with various skills that have come together to help fight for cannabis legalisation in South Wales. We hope you find the content on our website interesting, inspiring and helpful whatever your reasons for dropping by. Find out how we campaign in our local community and what we do below. Be sure to sign up to our Newsletter to keep up to date with our letters news and how to get involved.

Educate and Reduce Harm

One of our main goals is to help to properly educate the public about the real and realistic harms of cannabis. Check out our articles and pages in the Knowledgbase and Harm Reduction sections of our website.

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Engage With Local MPs

We actively engage with local MPs and authorities on cannabis related issues. Check out our Local Politics section to see what we've been up to and for advice on how you can help change things in your area.

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Campaigning in the Community

Interested in joining the fight for cannabis legalisation in Swansea? Come check the Campaigning sections of our website to see how you can get involved and what we've been up to.

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  • 19/02/2015 by treeman82 “Skunk-like Cannabis Causes 24% of New Psychosis Cases” or So Mainstream Media Will Have You Believe …

    Schizophrenia, Psychosis and Cannabis The only person I know who has ever been diagnosed with schizophrenia is tee-total and claims never to have used illegal drugs and to only ever have been a non-smoking light drinker. It is a story I often think about when people tell me about cannabis causing schizophrenia. This sort of Read More

  • 05/03/2015 by treeman82 Are Prohibitionists the Gangster, Terrorist and Dealer’s Best Friends?

    The forces of prohibition in the UK whilst somewhat diminished in power and stature still command a great deal of influence over parts of the media and politics. Whilst a gradual shift in attitudes is taking place around the world, the real cracks in prohibition are yet to appear in the UK. One champion of Read More

  • cardiff cannabis march 2013
    27/04/2014 by Special-K Cardiff Global Cannabis March – Are You Going?

    If so, we’ll see you there! So, who’s excited for this event? I know we are and hopefully it will be bigger than last years. For those that don’t know about the event, here’s a little information for you. The Cardiff Global Cannabis March is a protest demonstration being held by Cardiff CSC, UKCSC and Read More

  • Feed The Birds; End Cannabis Prohibition
    31/03/2014 by SCC Admin Feed The Birds Swansea- Fight Cannabis Prohibition

    Many of you may have already heard of it though some of you may not. Feed The Birds is a peaceful campaign to help end cannabis prohibition by spreading hemp seed across the UK by feeding it to the birds. Hemp seed is completely safe for birds to eat and in fact it’s fantastically good Read More

  • 05/07/2017 by Elle Greece becomes the sixth EU country to legalise medical cannabis

    Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has stated that cannabis will be made available to medical patients for a number of medical conditions. This makes Greece the sixth European country to legalise cannabis for medical use, putting them in line with Germany, and countries like Czech Republic, Finland, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain which already have legal medicinal Read More

  • 29/03/2015 by treeman82 Hash Vs Skunk: Is there a difference and does it matter?

    Hash Vs Skunk You might as well compare biscuits to chocolate and argue that only one will make you fat. It is first of all a ridiculous comparison. The main reason the Hash vs Skunk debate exists is the complete lack of understanding of the terms hash and skunk and the related absolute misuse of Read More

  • 30/08/2018 by Elle How to Identify High Quality CBD Oil

    The UK has seen a surge in cannabinoid-based healthcare solutions where demand has seen CBD products grow exponentially due to their many medicinal and therapeutic applications. However not all CBD tinctures and oils are created equal, unfortunately for every high grade product out there, there is a dozen or so low quality offerings. With so Read More

  • 09/09/2015 by treeman82 How to Write a Letter to your MP and Why it Matters

    It is easy to click and sign a petition. MPs now know that well over 210,000 people have done exactly that, unfortunately without further information they are free to picture why (and then ignore it). They might imagine 210,000 skunk addled lunatics wildly clicking around on the internet, heavily entrenched in comment section warfare. They might imagine medical patients, they might imagine normal people who may or may not use cannabis raising accurate concerns about prohibition, they might imagine any number of other things but only direct communication tells them exactly why you have signed that petition, that you are a real person, you live in their constituency and therefore why they should care.

  • london 420 pro cannabis rally
    12/04/2014 by SCC Admin London 420 Pro-Cannabis Rally 2014

    You may have heard of it already but we’d thought we’d fill our Welsh readers in on the details of how they can get there if they are struggling to find travel info. The London 420 Pro-Cannabis Rally is to be acelebration of the cannabis plant and a place for enthusiasts and patients alike to Read More

  • 03/12/2014 by Special-K Marc and Jodie Emery Descend on London – Part 1

    Following Marc Emery’s recent release from a 5 year stint in federal prison in the United States for selling cannabis seeds, Marc and Jodie Emery kicked off with a small European tour that included Spain, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Manchester and, last but not least, London. If you are not aware of the Emerys, especially Marc, Read More

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