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Swansea Cannabis Club
Swansea Cannabis Club is working hard to create a website that will bring you valuable cannabis news and information as well as a community for users  to chat and share information. Hopefully we'll have something special for you guys soon so bookmark us!

We have a lot of exciting content to come, ranging from the plans for the club, our aims and policies, to up to date news on scientific and medical studies about cannabis.

You can find us on facebook and we are working on getting Twitter and other social media platforms up and running to.

We currently have active forums and are working on content for the main site. Check out the forums here, Swansea Cannabis Club Forums. We chat personally with our followers here. The forums are intended to help build community and to give Swansea cannabis enthusiasts and activists a place to talk and share information about their passions and ideas. Come say hi! We'd love to meet you!

As a little introduction to the club and what we're about I can currently give you this:

Swansea Cannabis Club is a local club currently run by volunteers that operates to help promote and educate people about the medical benefits of cannabis and to help end the failed war on drugs. We're in the early stages of planning propositioning and campaigning for an experimental Cannabis Social Club as written in ENCOD's Cannabis Social Club guidelines.

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