Feed The Birds Swansea- Fight Cannabis Prohibition

Feed The Birds; End Cannabis Prohibition

Many of you may have already heard of it though some of you may not. Feed The Birds is a peaceful campaign to help end cannabis prohibition by spreading hemp seed across the UK by feeding it to the birds. Hemp seed is completely safe for birds to eat and in fact it's fantastically good for them so please don't worry, no animals will be harmed during this protest.

You can find the Feed The Birds facebook page here.

Hemp seed is perfectly legal to be traded and purchased with in the UK and only becomes an issue if you wish to plant it as you need a licence in order to be able to grow hemp.

How Can You Help With Feed The Birds Swansea?

Next month people across the UK will be feeding the birds hemp seed in a bid to help protest against the failing war on drugs. If you're in Swansea and wish to take part you can get involved in our Feed The Birds Swansea post here in the forums and comment on the thread for this event.

There will be a limited amount of hemp seed available for club members though you can guarantee yourself some hemp seed to take part by donating £4 to the Feed The Birds' Kickstarter campaign here and maybe snapping up yourself a gorgeous T-shirt at the same time (£20) or we have been informed that you can get your own hemp seed from here and if asked what for just let them know it's for Feed The Birds or Feed The Birds Swansea.

Hemp In Avalon

Disclaimer: Swansea Cannabis Club does not condone and is not responsible for protesters that illegally encourage growth of the seeds which are intended to feed the birds.

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