Swansea 420 Gathering

Swansea 420 GatheringIt's here. It's happening. It's the Swansea Cannabis Club's first ever social gathering and when better to have it than on 420 this year?

Say hello, and take this as your invitation, to the Swansea 420 Gathering! If you're a cannabis enthusiast, medicinal user, activist, or just support the end of cannabis prohibition feel free to come along and say hi. This isn't really a protest of any kind, just a chilled meet and greet to have a chat about the club, your views and ideas, and for those that want to get involved to come and show us just how much they'd like to be a part of the club. Not to mention a chance for us all to share information and generally talk about our good ol' friend the cannabis plant.

The plans currently are to meet somewhere in Swansea on the 20th of April 2014 in the afternoon. A venue or location hasn't been finalised as yet but you can use the facebook event to keep up to date with the latest news for Swansea 420 Gathering here:

We're going on a hunt for a location for our meet this weekend so if you have any suggestions on a location for our little get together please comment below or feel free to join the forums or facebook event page to let us know.

Depending on numbers we may have snacks and drinks available. Everyone is welcome. Tell your friends!

We'll also be discussing the details of the Feed The Birds Swansea campaign and may be lucky enough to have some seeds to give out to interested people. Just ask!

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