London 420 Pro-Cannabis Rally 2014

london 420 pro cannabis rally

london 420 pro cannabis rally

You may have heard of it already but we'd thought we'd fill our Welsh readers in on the details of how they can get there if they are struggling to find travel info.

The London 420 Pro-Cannabis Rally is to be acelebration of the cannabis plant and a place for enthusiasts and patients alike to show their support for the cannabis movement. It has been arranged by the awesome guys at London Cannabis Club, NormlUK, and UKCSC. They have some speakers arranged for the day including Clark French from NormlUK and UKCSC. It's time for us to stand and be counted.

We were planning on going ourselves but finances proved a problem this month so we decided to plan our first SCC social, the Swansea 420 Gathering, at the same time for those that also can't go. So be sure to check that out if you can't make the London 420 event. We'd love to meet you!

Where and When?

The London 420 pro-cannabis rally is being held at Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park on the 20th of April 2014.
[googlemap address="Speakers' Corner, London" width="600" height="340" position="left"]

Last year around 10,000 people attended and they are expecting more to attend this year. Are you going to London 420? If you are and the travel details below aren't enough for you or you want to try and meet some Welsh/Swansea people to go down with check out our forum post to say high to other London 420 goers.

Travel Details

Those stuck for travel, they have actually managed to put on transport for the day from a few locations across the UK. They have fortunately included Cardiff in their efforts. You can find out about the coaches they have on from Cardiff here London 420 Travel. The most relevant for Swansea London 420 goers is detailed below.

For Wales and West they have a handful of luxury coaches set up for a return journey to London. The closest coach to Swansea is going from Cardiff. Here's the details.

Departs from: CARDIFF; Central Station NE2 (rear entrance), Penarth Road, CF10

  •  Depart 07:30
  •  Return 22:30

The coach drops you off at Hyde Park and picks you back up again from Hyde Park to bring you home.

Note: If the minimum quota for the coaches are not met by the 18th of April full refunds will be given.

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