Cardiff Global Cannabis March – Are You Going?

cardiff cannabis march 2013

If so, we'll see you there!

So, who's excited for this event? I know we are and hopefully it will be bigger than last years.

For those that don't know about the event, here's a little information for you.

The Cardiff Global Cannabis March is a protest demonstration being held by Cardiff CSC, UKCSC and Norml UK to help stand against prohibition, educate the public on the facts about cannabis and push for change. The march is to start at Cathays Park behind City Hall in Cardiff. From there the march will make it's way to Hamadryad Park for final celebrations and talks which the hosts are hoping will include stalls for you to peruse and, according to the poster, a BBQ and drinks. The confirmed speakers for the day are:


Cardiff CSC need your help spreading the word about this event to try and make it the biggest so far!

They are currently running a couple of seed competitions to help promote the event.

Poster Placement Seed Competition

Cardiff Global Cannabis MarchThe first competition is for best placed poster for the event. How it works:

  1. Print out a copy (or a few copies if you really want to help the movement) of this fabulous poster for the  march (A5 minimum size)
  2. Find somewhere amazingly awesome to put it. Make sure you have permission to do so (a sneaky poster on a police station WILL NOT count unless you were given permission to put it there). We're not trying to cause trouble, just raise awareness and protest peacefully.
  3. Take a picture of your handy-work and post it here

Simples! Feel free to print out and hand out as many copies of the flyers as you see fit. If you're not interested in the competition, though, the movement needs all the help you're willing to give.

Click the poster on the right then right click the bigger image and save ready for you to print.

Best Sign Seed Competition

The second competition is for the best 3 signs seen at the event.

So, don your markers, card, glue and wood and get making those signs!

Get your best facts and quotes out for these signs. The world needs to see just why we're marching for cannabis. They need to hear the truth. The truths that main stream media is doing their best to hide from the public.

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