TEDx Talk: Why I Changed My Mind About Medicinal Cannabis

Here in the UK there seems to be HUGE doubt amongst the general public and even the cannabis community about the efficacy of cannabis as a medicine. It's proving difficult all over the world to really drive home that some people really need cannabis to live. That without cannabis they will die. This is fact and is a stark reality for many people all over the world. Now, imagine one of your children was one of these people that needed cannabis to live. Would you abide by the law and let your child suffer? Would you break the law and stand up for your child's right to health and life?

There are millions of victims of prohibition who do not have a voice. These children battling fatal diseases are one of them.

This touching talk from Hugh Hempel at the University of Nervada is about his journey into treating his terminally ill daughters with cannabis. His daughters suffer from a rare and fatal neurodegenerative disease called Niemann Pick Type C, often referred to as “Childhood Alzheimer's”. It helps to shine a light on why access to medicinal cannabis in the UK is so important and should be being brought into the spot light.

Please, if you can, help share these children's stories. We have thousands of children suffering similar fates in the UK where cannabis is still completely prohibited with no medicinal access at all.

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