TEDx Talk: The Surprising Story of Medical Marijuana and Paediatric Epilepsy

This TEDx Talk is about a case in the US that you might have already heard of. Her story was one of the first I'd heard about children being treated with cannabis for rare and fatal forms of epilepsy. It's one that I've seen shared many times but too many people still haven't heard about it.

Josh Stanley, of the Stanley Brothers from Colorado, talks about his inspiring story of meeting Charlotte Figi and her parents and their fight for medicinal cannabis for children. It's an emotional journey following the tale of how a strain of cannabis high in CBD and low in THC has helped Charlotte go from having 400 seizures a week and being fed by a tube through her belly to just 0 - 1 seizures a week and getting back her mobility and life again.

Cannabis is made up of hundreds of chemicals called, including but not exclusive of, cannabinoids, flavinoids, and terpenes. The cannabinoids each have been found to have different healing effects on our bodies although research has been limited due to the classification of cannabis holding back legitimate research into it's health benefits. THC and CBD are the two most common and main active cannabinoids found in cannabis and it seems that CBD has been showing great promise as a neuroprotector and also seems it could help repair brain function.

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