5 Methods To Help You Feel Less High

A common method of trying cannabis for this time is to smoke it, however this is the least healthiest way of actually trying it. Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/people/cagrimmett/

Cannabis remains the mostly widely used illicit drug in the UK, with many trying it for the first time in an often urgent bid to gain relief for what ails them. However, trying to navigate the effects of cannabis for the first time can leave you feeling quite unwell. All my experiences aside, I still to this day make the odd greedy mistake which leaves me melting into the sofa and a little green around the gills.

So if you've already taken too many bites of your space cake, or toked one too many times on that pure joint you may now be feeling a little too high. Good news is the feeling won't last forever! And often just riding it out whilst distracting yourself with conversation, music or a film can often help relax you enough to make the feeling less intense and more manageable.

However, if you're at the point where you've had enough here are some methods that may help you to sober up.

Drink cold water
A lot of people report that a large glass of ice cold water can help to wake you up, and is something you can grab pretty quickly.

Eat something
Not something you generally have to tell someone who smokes cannabis, but munchies and cravings aside if you're feeling a little green, a large meal can bring you back up pretty quickly. Also good for sobering you up are sugary foods and drinks, though they aren't so great for the diet.

Possibly the last thing you'll want to do when feeling over medicated is jumping jacks and a 1 minute mile, but some have reported that mild exercise such as walking up and down stairs a few times can help to get the blood pumping enough to give your body the wake up call it needs.

Cold shower
You may not want to take a full body shower so in the first instance you can try simply splashing your face with some cold water a few times while taking some deep breaths in and out. If that doesn't work an invigorating cold shower can soon snap you out of it. Though, it is not recommended if you suffer from a condition which is exacerbated by cold temperatures.

Sleep it off
Simple but effective, popping back to bed for a lie down is often the most favoured solution for getting through a 'whitey'. So if you're starting to feel shivery, and a little worse for wear consider wrapping yourself in a nice blanket and trying to get some shut eye.

Fresh Air
Another simple but effective method of sobering up is taking a step outside (if able) and taking a few deep breaths, just make sure you're wearing something appropriate first!. The combination of fresh air, breathing and the change in scenery can often be enough to help sober you up.

All in all there is no surefire way to sober up after consuming too much cannabis as we are all different, but the methods above have proven the most effective throughout the worldwide community.

The most important thing to remember is that the feeling won't last forever, and once you find the right balance you can enjoy the deep relaxation, uplifting effect, relief from pain and symptoms that only cannabis can offer. Have your own way of sobering up? Let us know in the comments!

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