What Is Holland & Barrett’s CBD Oil?

With all the recent hype surrounding CBD oil there is undoubtedly a risk of 'snake oil' vendors popping up to take advantage of inexperienced consumers. They often make wild claims about their product in order to manipulate people into parting with their cash.

Unfortunately this approach isn't just limited to your local con artists as Holland & Barrett have most recently pointed out. Many corporate companies have used a similar sales technique, but with their larger marketing budget and national reach it can become a dangerous force of capitalist nature.

For example a recent article in love it! magazine (pictured below) features a story about a woman's experience using cannabis oil to treat her cancer. Underneath the article you will see a picture of Holland & Barrett's CBD bottle with the title The 'miracle' oil. This is incredibly misleading as it is not the same oil used by the woman in the article, far from it.

In fact the oil the woman took contained not only a much higher dose of CBD but also a high level of THC content.

Studies on cancer cells in laboratories have found both CBD and THC to have anti-cancer properties. Different studies have also found that different ratios of these cannabinoids work better for different types of cancer. Most found that 1:1 ratios of CBD:THC were the most effective.

The woman in the article took at least 0.5g of a high THC oil that contained little to no CBD to treat her cancer, that's almost double the dose of just THC. Cancer patients require a much higher dose, some taking up to 1.0g a day depending upon how aggressive the cancer is. 

Holland & Barrett's CBD tincture is a food supplement at best, containing just 0.275mg of CBD oil in 10ml of regular hemp seed carrier oil. Whilst micro-dosing CBD has been said to help with some very minor conditions and general health it will not treat cancer, crohns, fibryomalgia or any other serious condition.

Most, if not all CBD oil sold in high street health food shops in the UK are similar in both quality and dosage. These products are to be used as a food supplement only and not intended for medical use. In order to be able to make medical claims the CBD product needs to be regulated following strict MHRA regulatory standards.

In order to avoid low quality CBD oil and wasting your money try to ensure the CBD product you're evaluating is:

Full spectrum/whole plant extract.
From Hemp plants grown in countries with strict regulations and guidelines, the UK or USA for example.
Third party lab tested.

For further advice on what to look out for in CBD products head over to our piece: 5 Ways to Identify High Quality CBD Oil.

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