Current Campaigns

Here you will find up to date information on the current campaigns that Swansea Cannabis Club is working on. This will also include campaigns that you can get involved with so do check back to keep up to date on current events.

Note: This page is currently under construction but will link to pages containing details about our campaigns. 

Feed The Birds -
Full information coming very soon (yes, we will have free seeds for you to take part) ...

Club Promotion Flyering -
We have stacks of these beautiful club flyers
ready to cover the city to promote the club. Info on how you can get some to hand out and dot around the city will be going live soon.

Medicinal Cannabis Education Flyering -
We are working on a bunch of snazzy looking flyers with important facts about the medical benefits of cannabis complete with scientific sources to help educate people unaware of it's emerging medical properties. More information on how to get your hands on some of these to help spread the information will be coming soon.

Cannabis Myth-busting Flyering -
We also have plans in the works for some equally snazzy flyers that aim to de-bunk the myths and lies about cannabis to those easily lead by our hysterical media. We promise the information for how to take part in this will be coming very soon.

No More Lies Anti-Propaganda Campaign -
This one is still in it's infancy planning-wise but details will become available once we've worked out the details and the other campaigns listed previously are in full swing.


  • peter

    i will help

    • SpecialK

      That’s great =D
      We will be adding pages for each of these events over the next couple of weeks including details of how you can take part.

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