cardiff cannabis march 2013

If so, we'll see you there!

So, who's excited for this event? I know we are and hopefully it will be bigger than last years.

For those that don't know about the event, here's a little information for you.

The Cardiff Global Cannabis March is a protest demonstration being held by Cardiff CSC, UKCSC and Norml UK to help stand against prohibition, educate the public on the facts about cannabis and push for change. The march is to start at Cathays Park behind City Hall in Cardiff. From there the march will make it's way to Hamadryad Park for final celebrations and talks which the hosts are hoping will include stalls for you to peruse and, according to the poster, a BBQ and drinks. The confirmed speakers for the day are:


Cardiff CSC need your help spreading the word about this event to try and make it the biggest so far!

They are currently running a couple of seed competitions to help promote the event.

Poster Placement Seed Competition

Cardiff Global Cannabis MarchThe first competition is for best placed poster for the event. How it works:

  1. Print out a copy (or a few copies if you really want to help the movement) of this fabulous poster for the  march (A5 minimum size)
  2. Find somewhere amazingly awesome to put it. Make sure you have permission to do so (a sneaky poster on a police station WILL NOT count unless you were given permission to put it there). We're not trying to cause trouble, just raise awareness and protest peacefully.
  3. Take a picture of your handy-work and post it here

Simples! Feel free to print out and hand out as many copies of the flyers as you see fit. If you're not interested in the competition, though, the movement needs all the help you're willing to give.

Click the poster on the right then right click the bigger image and save ready for you to print.

Best Sign Seed Competition

The second competition is for the best 3 signs seen at the event.

So, don your markers, card, glue and wood and get making those signs!

Get your best facts and quotes out for these signs. The world needs to see just why we're marching for cannabis. They need to hear the truth. The truths that main stream media is doing their best to hide from the public.

I spend a lot of my time watching cannabis documentaries and news pieces and thought it would be great to give you guys a place to easily find informative videos on the facts about cannabis so you can educate yourselves and see just how warped main stream media makes the issue of cannabis legalisation.

The Science of Cannabis documentary is fairly new created by youtube user "endpotprohibition" and combines footage from other well known cannabis documentaries such as Dr Sanjay Gupta's Weed and Weed2 documentaries but provides good relevant scientific studies to help back up the claims made in the documentaries. It pulls out some of the most important facts and science behind why cannabis was made illegal and why it really shouldn't be. It's 19mins long and is a very informative and concise video. I highly recommend watching and sharing.

For those interested all the references for the video are below.


420PTown nugs:
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london 420 pro cannabis rally

london 420 pro cannabis rally

You may have heard of it already but we'd thought we'd fill our Welsh readers in on the details of how they can get there if they are struggling to find travel info.

The London 420 Pro-Cannabis Rally is to be acelebration of the cannabis plant and a place for enthusiasts and patients alike to show their support for the cannabis movement. It has been arranged by the awesome guys at London Cannabis Club, NormlUK, and UKCSC. They have some speakers arranged for the day including Clark French from NormlUK and UKCSC. It's time for us to stand and be counted.

We were planning on going ourselves but finances proved a problem this month so we decided to plan our first SCC social, the Swansea 420 Gathering, at the same time for those that also can't go. So be sure to check that out if you can't make the London 420 event. We'd love to meet you!

Where and When?

The London 420 pro-cannabis rally is being held at Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park on the 20th of April 2014.
[googlemap address="Speakers' Corner, London" width="600" height="340" position="left"]

Last year around 10,000 people attended and they are expecting more to attend this year. Are you going to London 420? If you are and the travel details below aren't enough for you or you want to try and meet some Welsh/Swansea people to go down with check out our forum post to say high to other London 420 goers.

Travel Details

Those stuck for travel, they have actually managed to put on transport for the day from a few locations across the UK. They have fortunately included Cardiff in their efforts. You can find out about the coaches they have on from Cardiff here London 420 Travel. The most relevant for Swansea London 420 goers is detailed below.

For Wales and West they have a handful of luxury coaches set up for a return journey to London. The closest coach to Swansea is going from Cardiff. Here's the details.

Departs from: CARDIFF; Central Station NE2 (rear entrance), Penarth Road, CF10

  •  Depart 07:30
  •  Return 22:30

The coach drops you off at Hyde Park and picks you back up again from Hyde Park to bring you home.

Note: If the minimum quota for the coaches are not met by the 18th of April full refunds will be given.

Swansea 420 GatheringIt's here. It's happening. It's the Swansea Cannabis Club's first ever social gathering and when better to have it than on 420 this year?

Say hello, and take this as your invitation, to the Swansea 420 Gathering! If you're a cannabis enthusiast, medicinal user, activist, or just support the end of cannabis prohibition feel free to come along and say hi. This isn't really a protest of any kind, just a chilled meet and greet to have a chat about the club, your views and ideas, and for those that want to get involved to come and show us just how much they'd like to be a part of the club. Not to mention a chance for us all to share information and generally talk about our good ol' friend the cannabis plant.

The plans currently are to meet somewhere in Swansea on the 20th of April 2014 in the afternoon. A venue or location hasn't been finalised as yet but you can use the facebook event to keep up to date with the latest news for Swansea 420 Gathering here:

We're going on a hunt for a location for our meet this weekend so if you have any suggestions on a location for our little get together please comment below or feel free to join the forums or facebook event page to let us know.

Depending on numbers we may have snacks and drinks available. Everyone is welcome. Tell your friends!

We'll also be discussing the details of the Feed The Birds Swansea campaign and may be lucky enough to have some seeds to give out to interested people. Just ask!

Feed The Birds; End Cannabis Prohibition

Many of you may have already heard of it though some of you may not. Feed The Birds is a peaceful campaign to help end cannabis prohibition by spreading hemp seed across the UK by feeding it to the birds. Hemp seed is completely safe for birds to eat and in fact it's fantastically good for them so please don't worry, no animals will be harmed during this protest.

You can find the Feed The Birds facebook page here.

Hemp seed is perfectly legal to be traded and purchased with in the UK and only becomes an issue if you wish to plant it as you need a licence in order to be able to grow hemp.

How Can You Help With Feed The Birds Swansea?

Next month people across the UK will be feeding the birds hemp seed in a bid to help protest against the failing war on drugs. If you're in Swansea and wish to take part you can get involved in our Feed The Birds Swansea post here in the forums and comment on the thread for this event.

There will be a limited amount of hemp seed available for club members though you can guarantee yourself some hemp seed to take part by donating £4 to the Feed The Birds' Kickstarter campaign here and maybe snapping up yourself a gorgeous T-shirt at the same time (£20) or we have been informed that you can get your own hemp seed from here and if asked what for just let them know it's for Feed The Birds or Feed The Birds Swansea.

Hemp In Avalon

Disclaimer: Swansea Cannabis Club does not condone and is not responsible for protesters that illegally encourage growth of the seeds which are intended to feed the birds.

Swansea Cannabis Club
Swansea Cannabis Club is working hard to create a website that will bring you valuable cannabis news and information as well as a community for users  to chat and share information. Hopefully we'll have something special for you guys soon so bookmark us!

We have a lot of exciting content to come, ranging from the plans for the club, our aims and policies, to up to date news on scientific and medical studies about cannabis.

You can find us on facebook and we are working on getting Twitter and other social media platforms up and running to.

We currently have active forums and are working on content for the main site. Check out the forums here, Swansea Cannabis Club Forums. We chat personally with our followers here. The forums are intended to help build community and to give Swansea cannabis enthusiasts and activists a place to talk and share information about their passions and ideas. Come say hi! We'd love to meet you!

As a little introduction to the club and what we're about I can currently give you this:

Swansea Cannabis Club is a local club currently run by volunteers that operates to help promote and educate people about the medical benefits of cannabis and to help end the failed war on drugs. We're in the early stages of planning propositioning and campaigning for an experimental Cannabis Social Club as written in ENCOD's Cannabis Social Club guidelines.

Here's a quick test poll to see how you think the website is currently coming along. Please be honest!

~ Peace

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