What Are Cannabis Social Clubs?

Cannabis Social Clubs are a part of a European social movement that is working towards bringing about the self-regulated closed-cycle growing and supply of cannabis to adults for recreational and/or medicinal use.

In order to do this in the UK the United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs have come up with guidance and regulations based on the original ENCOD and Spanish Cannabis Association guidelines adapted for UK law as much is possible where all cannabis possession and cultivation is still illegal and can result in a prison sentence.

Currently, to quote the United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs, we exist as

"Member based communities and groups that have come together to share their common interest in cannabis and stand up against adult cannabis prohibition"

And we

"Work together to plan social activities, events, take part in campaigns to help raise awareness of the problems prohibition causes in modern society, protests and media coverage to make the message reach the mainstream."

We as Cannabis Social Clubs Advocate and Are Actively Working Towards

A Legal, Taxable, Self-Regulated Market

Legalising and allowing a cannabis industry such as this to exist can provide our local communities with much needed jobs and taxes like it has in other countries and States of America that have legalised for medical or recreational use.

Age Restricted Private Membership

Responsible age restrictions help stop access to cannabis by minors. A problem prohibition creates. Street dealers don't ask for ID.

Product Choice, Testing and Labelling

Gives people complete control over their cannabinoid intake so they can make informed decisions before buying. The biggest health risk of cannabis is a high dose of THC triggering a psychotic episode in those already predisposed to them. Regulation will remedy this problem which is also caused by prohibition. The most potent cannabis is grown for profit. A lot like moonshine when alcohol was illegal and we saw legalisation bring about potency limits and product labelling.

Closed-Cycle Collective Growing

All cannabis is tagged, traced and grown solely for a member. Collectives only supply for the demand of it's members and not the other way around.