Who are we?

The SCC is a member run community that share an interest in Cannabis, medicinal Cannabis and Cannabis law reform. We are helping work towards pushing Cannabis law reform for both medicinal and recreational use.

The SCC is a Cannabis Social Club that plans to operate within the guidelines set out by ENCOD and the UKCSC when the time comes for us to do so. Currently it's not legal for a cannabis social club to fully operate within the UK but we aim to provide a place for enthusiasts and patients a like to meet, discuss, and campaign together to make our social club a real thing.

We are currently in our infancy and have yet to register as an official non-governmental organisation.

The lovely guys who currently work hard to run and get Swansea Cannabis Club off the ground are volunteers and work for the good of the cause and the people. Money is not our goal here although in the society that we live in money is required for us to operate and cover costs. Currently all the finances of our club come out of our own pocket and hard work. We are working on lines of revenue for the club to help us to campaign and grow more efficiently.

We DO NOT SELL CANNABIS so please don't ask. We are not dealers. We are a political activist group working to make Cannabis legal in the UK so that we can offer a legal medicinal and recreational experience for the people. We encourage you to join us and get involved in our public events and network with us if you're interested in removing Cannabis from the illegal drug market.

If you'd like to join us, please head over to the "Get Involved" section of our website to look for our current vacancies or ways you can help with the movement.

The SCC is working towards creating policies and processes that would need to be put in place to propose the legal running of an official social club here in Swansea.