Mission Statement

At Swansea Cannabis Club we believe that the criminalisation of Cannabis and it's users is fundamentally and morally wrong for many, many reasons. Not only is Cannabis proven to be one of the safest substances on the planet it is also a proven and widely used medicine both legally and illegally. Cannabis has been demonised and attacked by both the government and main stream media long enough. People deserve to know the truth about Cannabis and the lives it's saving across the world.

It is our mission to campaign for change with regards to current outdated and unfounded Cannabis laws by joining other nationwide campaigns currently gaining ground in the UK and promoting them in our area. We also plan to organise and promote our own anti-cannabis prohibition campaigns.

We aim to provide a community in Swansea of like minded individuals dedicated to helping spread the truth Cannabis and to help educate about it's many medicinal benefits. Register here to join our community and say hi to other members and start making friends.

It's important to us that we help work towards removing the stigma surrounding Cannabis consumers that hinders our struggle with legalisation every day. Users are often demonised and pictured as being lazy, dirty, and jobless layabouts that spend their days lounging around eating and playing games or watching TV in a hazy stupor when this is in fact far beyond the truth. People from all walks of life use Cannabis and the majority of them are too scared to stand up proudly and admit to it. Doctors, Teachers, Journalists, Computer Programmers, Nurses, Police Officers, Dinner Ladies, Neurologists, and the list goes on for all the types of people who use Cannabis.

We will share and report on local, national, and international Cannabis news to keep our followers in the know of current laws, legislation, stories and changes as much as we possibly can. We plan to create our own fresh content relating to cannabis.

We plan to educate the public on the history of cannabis prohibition, give a true perspective of the proposed harms of cannabis on society to show the real problem is prohibition itself, and to provide a factual and comprehensive base about the amazing proven medicinal properties of cannabis. There are hypocrisies, lies, and complete misunderstandings scattered everywhere within Cannabis law and health studies that need to be exposed to the public to help in the fight in getting these laws changed.

If you would like to help us in our mission and think you have skills that could benefit us please check our "Get Involved" section of the website.